2019 Texas State Skeet Championships
Dallas Gun Club
Lewisville, TX
June 20, 2019 - June 23, 2019

Lifetime Career Shoot-off
TSSA Banquet
Past HOA Champions
Herb Gundelfinger Trophy
Earl Barroso Trophy
Gene Jackson Trophy
5-Man Team Eagles
Referee of the Year
Service Award Winners
Past Champions

Lal Threlkeld Threlkeld Tells Your Texas State Championship Story
Lal Threlkeld’s first venture into photographing shooters was in 1999 when he was hired to photograph four sporting clays shooters for a catalog. Needing a proper setting for the work, he went to the National Shooting Complex during the National Sporting Clays Championship. Like most people seeing such an event for the first time, he was amazed by the number of shooters and the amount of activity.
With photography in transition from film to digital, he recognized that his digital equipment would make it possible to take many shots and print photos to order. By the next year, he was photographing skeet, sporting clays, and trap shoots. Lal also photographs the winners and awards presentations on the podium and at the banquets. Lal expects to photograph every shooter at the Texas State Championship, but he encourages anyone who wants photos to stop by his booth with any special requests. He can usually accommodate special set-ups for individual or groups of shooters.
Lal and his state-of-the-art equipment will be set up in the clubhouse during the State Championship. Shooters will be able to view photos on computer screens, select the ones they want, have them customized with logos, choose the size and format, and Lal will print them.

If you’d like Lal to tell your Texas State Championship story in pictures, stop by his booth.
"I love doing this," says Lal. "When I print that photo and they smile, that makes my day."